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It is our goal to continue growing the content and outreach of Professor H2O™. By becoming a sponsor, you make it possible for us to provide fun and educational material for those in our community, as well as reach those who have not yet become a part of the Professor H2O™ Community. With your support, together we can continue raise awareness towards the importance of water quality and conservation and help bring water education to the forefront.

6 EASY Ways To Show Your Support For Professor H2O

1 - Donate To The Cause
All donations made to Professor H2O™ help to provide fun and educational material for people of all ages. No matter what the donation, your support is greatly appreciated by all members of our community.

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2 - Pay For Courses
Purchase courses in our H2O School and learn about a variety of water related subjects. Purchased courses come with a certificate once all course requirements are completed.

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3 - Get A Business Listing
Advertise your business in our Business Directory as a sponsor of water education and help bring awareness to the importance of water quality and conservation.

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4 - Contribute Material
Share any fun and educational material that deals with water in our H2O Activities, H2O Experiments, or H2O School for others to enjoy.

5 - Share Your Knowledge
Provide other members of our community with answers to questions that you know to be true in our community questions section.

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Help bring more users to the community by sharing us with your friends and family. Send a note to you child's teacher and let them know the great resource you found for them that is free.

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